May 29, 2023
MBBS In China 2022

MBBS Education in China

Studying MBBS in China is a great option for students who want to study MBBS In China 2022. Currently, medical schools in China attract many medical school applicants. According to the new PMC 2022 Preliminary Report, all 45 English-speaking MBBS teaching universities in China meet the criteria of the PMC Preliminary Report.

All medical schools are affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. The official website is Students of color from different nationalities, religions, castes, and cultural backgrounds want to study MBBS in China. China has seen a rapid increase in the number of international students pursuing MBBS programs at Chinese higher education institutions.

In the past two years, more than 10,000 students from around the world have traveled to China to study MBBS. Most students come from Asian and Pacific countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Pakistan, Nepal, Africa, and Afghanistan. It is well known that China is the second largest land mass in the world. But it is also one of the world’s leading economic powers with its high technology and advanced infrastructure.

The dream of becoming a successful doctor is realized in the best Chinese medical university in the world. China is one of the best destinations for international students studying MBBS (clinical medicine). Studying MBBS in your home country can be quite challenging due to several unfavorable factors, such as high fee structures and rigorous entrance exams.

The MBBS and Bachelor of Surgery programs offered in China are very affordable and offer many opportunities to become a successful physician. Currently, China is the best choice for aspiring doctors due to its quality medical programs, modern learning infrastructure, rich culture and traditions, world-class infrastructure, and rich experience in Western medicine.

MBBS in China is the most popular course with minimal effort. The only medium of instruction for international students is English. China has world-class, top-notch universities that offer an excellent educational experience and comprehensive skills. In addition, MBBS in China is recognized by the World Health Organization, the National Medical Council (formerly the Pakistan Medical Council), and many other institutions.

MBBS Education in China

However, the wide acceptance of medical degrees offered in China, affordable fee structures, global recognition, advanced teaching materials, and cutting-edge technology make Chinese universities an excellent destination, among others.

MBBS is a popular major for Pakistanis, with five out of every two students hoping to become doctors. But since this is not possible in Pakistan, many students move abroad, making China an excellent destination. There are so many universities in China. However, not all of these universities are accredited by the PMC.

To practice in Pakistan, students must be enrolled in a PMC-accredited medical school. In China, there are 45 medical schools accredited by the PMC. These universities offer excellent training and a wealth of clinical skills, with some of the best medical facilities in the world and quality learning content. China’s medical universities are directly under the control of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

MBBS in China is accredited in Chinese, which makes it easier to communicate with local patients. In China, all international students are treated as regular or local students, which means they are given the same opportunities and treated equally as Chinese students.

The degree program in Chinese clinical medicine is equivalent to an MBBS and is recognized by international accreditation bodies UNESCO and the World Health Organization. Chinese universities also provide adequate accommodation and catering services to ensure that students are treated like family.

Almost all universities have accommodation facilities on campus. However, some universities offer independent dormitories with private rooms and bathrooms. Libraries are well stocked with the latest publications, including journals, magazines, and books. Studying medicine in China is a worthwhile decision and full of opportunities to give wings to your dream job.

Why study MBBS in China?

Let us consider some of the factors that encourage people to study medicine in China.

Very importantly, China is the fastest-growing country in the world and one of the oldest civilizations in the world. As such, it is a world leader in many fields, including science, technology, and medicine.

All reviews are online and show a positive attitude toward Chinese medical universities.

The admission criteria of Chinese universities are very simple and students can easily fulfill them to get admitted.

Foreign students do not need to pass an entrance exam to be admitted to the MBBS program. Chinese universities offer direct admission to students.

Chinese universities offer courses in English.

Obtaining a medical degree in China is a cost-effective way to complete a highly specialized course.

Most universities in China offer scholarship programs for students to get financial support.

PMC and other medical accreditation bodies recognize globally recognized doctoral degrees awarded by Chinese institutions.

Better teaching facilities and international education standards have made China a worldwide reference for quality education.

Chinese universities are well equipped in terms of laboratories, infrastructure, spacious classrooms, digital teaching, good academic atmosphere, modern hostels, and a healthy and committed environment.

Hostels are divided into girls’ and boys’ categories. They have communal kitchens, laundry facilities, study rooms, fax machines, and other essential facilities.

These are some of the best medical schools in China

Many accredited universities are in international provinces where many people from different parts of the world live. As a result, China’s global exposure and extensive contacts create a wide range of job opportunities for students.

China places a high priority on the safety and security of international students. On the other hand, China is also safe for girls due to its large female population.

Thanks to a good scholarship system and good tuition fees, annual tuition fees at Chinese universities are around USD 1,5 000. So, it is also budget-friendly.

MBBS in China for Pakistani students

Getting a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) degree is a dream for many Pakistani students and their parents. However, this cannot be realized for several reasons, which are due to the constant efforts of Chinese medical schools to educate a large population.

All medical schools are managed by the Chinese government, which ensures that the quality of education is maintained and each university is allocated a scholarship and research budget. The Chinese government invests heavily in the education and healthcare sectors. Even without scholarships, MBBS in China is affordable and economical.

China is the closest neighboring country and offers immense opportunities and possibilities for Pakistani students. They offer direct access to the best universities at very low prices.

Since 2008, the admission criteria for Pakistani students have been changed: since 2008, students must achieve a minimum of 60% marks in Chinese medical schools.

 In addition, from 2017-2018, the Pakistan Medical Council stated that it is mandatory for all those wishing to study MBBS from China and other foreign countries to pass the National Common Entrance Test (NTA) for National Qualifying Examination (MDCAT) held by the NTA. All Pakistani students are required to pass the MDCAT after 10+2. If they do not pass this exam, they cannot apply to medical schools in China.

Advantages of studying in China

Advantages of MBBS in China

 There are 45 PMC-accredited universities in China.

No donation is required for admission

Direct admission with no entrance exam and less paperwork.

A large number of universities allow students to choose the best university in China according to their qualifications, course type, and budget.

The students are offered many opportunities, world-class education centers, and high-quality education.

After Pakistani students successfully complete their MBBS exams, they can go for internships in Pakistan.

The WHO World Directory of Medical Schools recognizes the medical faculties of these universities.

Students can continue their higher education or take screening exams such as USMLE, PMC, PMDC, SCHS, HPCSA, and PLAB to practice.

Tuition fees are much lower than in other developed countries.

In addition to tuition fees, living and food costs are also relatively low.

The cost of living in China is about 5,000-7,000 yuan per month.

The weather in China is almost the same as in Pakistan, with dry summers and rainy seasons. The weather varies from region to region. So it feels like home.

China has the largest population in the world, and this large population is of direct benefit to medical students. Since hospitals are visited by many people, the students gain a lot of experience in dealing with patients and providing health care.

MBBS Course Duration

MBBS is a long-term professional program. It is a great program for all students who wish to pursue a career in medicine.

The MBBS program in China usually lasts six years, although some universities complete it in five years.

The course consists of two parts: classroom studies and practical training/internship.

The first five years are devoted to the classroom or theoretical studies. This includes basic and preclinical courses.

Practical training takes place in parallel. It is time to apply theory and practice in real time. There is also an opportunity to gain practical experience. During practical training you will learn by observation, performing duties as a junior officer, and working on cases.

If you have done an internship in China, then you do not need an internship in Pakistan.

The internship in China is valid for Pakistan as well. It is understood that the HACC screening test is mandatory.

Pakistani students are required to do an internship after successfully completing their first five years of study. The internship is possible in both China and Pakistan.

Eligibility criteria for Pakistani MBBS students in China

Admission Procedure 2022

Students who wish to study in China can easily get admission in a Chinese university. There is no need to take entrance exams. The admission procedure in China is a transparent and systematic process. Less paperwork is required and it is hassle-free.

In order to enter a university in China, you must first fulfill the admission requirements. Only qualified candidates can apply.

The second step is counseling: After successful registration, a counseling session is held, after which an invitation letter is sent to eligible applicants.

The third step is to apply for a student visa after receiving the invitation letter.

The fourth step is to submit a copy of the documents, including the letter of invitation, to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China for the student tourist visa.

After that, the student must pay for the first year of study at the university.

Having paid the cost of the first year of study, it’s time to fly to China and make your dreams come true.

 Important dates to remember

Enrollment in China is scheduled to begin in September or early October each year.

The enrollment is expected to end at the end of June.

Make a list of the universities you want to apply to and make a schedule accordingly. This is because different universities have different numbers of places and different admission procedures.

The admission and approval process will take four to five years. Therefore, it is recommended to apply as early as possible to increase your chances of being accepted.

How to apply

The application process is very simple and fast.

Prospective students can apply directly to the university of their choice through the official university website.

Once you have opened the site, log in to it and go to the registration option.

Carefully fill in the required fields and attach scanned copies of the required documents. To avoid disqualification, please fill in the correct and reliable information.

After completing all fields, please submit the form at the end. Eligible applicants will be contacted by phone or email with their registered ID number for further instructions.

Documents required in China

Certificate 10 and 12 + report card.

Birth certificate (in English).

An international passport is valid for at least 18 months.

At least 20 passport-size photos.

Official bidding approved by the Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi).

Official invitation letter from the relevant medical college.

Chinese Embassy legalizes all documents.

Visa fee payment form.

Receipt of payment for the first year of study at the university by bank transfer.

HIV test report from a recognized doctor or hospital.

Summary of MDCAT results.

Other documents such as no criminal record, health certificate, proof of address, and proof of citizenship.

Scholarships to study MBBS program in China

Scholarships are an impressive way to advance and build financial capability. Chinese universities offer several scholarships depending on the course of study and academic performance. Some scholarships are organized by the Chinese government.

Scholarships of Chinese local governments.

University scholarships.

Scholarships of the Confucius Institute.  

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