May 30, 2023

Making custom keychains with photos is a smart and beautiful way to offer a unique gift to people close to you. From the best employees, colleagues to your grandma, grandpa, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister or parents. You keep the photos at hand of the ones you hold in your heart with a custom keychain!

Your Personalized Photo keychain

Personalized photo custom keychains are multifunctional and can be attached to various objects: keys, pencil case to decorate, school bags and even technological accessories (phone chargers, power banks or USB keys, etc.) Let your imagination run wild!

We offer you the possibility to print the photos of your choice on each side of your keychainss. Capture your favorite moments in a personalized photo keychain and we’ll take care of the rest!

Photo custom keychains are the perfect gift!

Photo custom keychains are the perfect original gift. Whether you’re a business or an individual, customize the model by selecting a personal photo or your company logo to print directly on one or both sides of your personalized photo keychain. Whatever your printing needs, we fulfill them to the letter and at a very low price. So let your creativity run wild.

Personalized photo keychain to give to your grandparents

Your grandparents deserve the best gifts. Why not give them nice personalized photo keychains? For example, you can choose a moving photo of all their grandchildren and we’ll have it printed on the material of your choice. It is a very touching, personalized gift that your family members are sure to appreciate. Make your personalized photo keychain to offer in multiple copies without worrying about the price! Online personalized photo keychains are suitable for small wallets and are inexpensive.

Custom photo keychain to offer to your loved one

Give your loved one a personal gift in the form of this photo keychains! Choose a photo that captures a moment you both remember and engrave it on one of our super design personalized photo keychains. Give your loved one a pendant that he or she will wear with pride and take with them everywhere.

Custom photo keychain to offer to your colleagues

We spend more than half of our time in the office, with our colleagues. Your relationship with them is most important. Do you want to offer your employees something? Then the personalized photo keychains are the ideal gift. Immortalize your photos taken at the office, in team building or elsewhere in a personalized photo keychain and show your colleagues how much they mean to you.

Personalized photo keychains to present to your customers

The relationship you establish with your customers is very important and should be maintained in the long term. If you want to maintain your customer base, it’s also important to rely on one-to-one communication to maintain your partnership and make it last. Offering personalized items to your customers is a winning strategy for any business that wants to attract, satisfy and therefore retain the good favors of its customers. It is also an excellent communication tool to attract new prospects and make themselves known. Giving objects, such as personalized photo keychains, is therefore a perfect strategy. Don’t forget to print your logo on our keychains and stay in the minds of your customers and prospects.

Print functional custom keychains

A keychains with a function is also often held by the recipient. To give you some ideas:

  • keychains with beer opener;
  • a keychains with shopping cart token;
  • hygiene or corona keychains that allow you to touch less things;
  • a key fob for touchscreen operation;
  • wooden keychains , ideal for all things construction;
  • a keychains with tape or tape measure.

Because of the many possibilities, it may be good that you want to talk to a specialist to get ideas.

Cheap Keychains Printed

The purpose of having your custom keychain made is to have a nice gift for employees, customers or other relations. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve this goal. Printing cheap keychains can also achieve this goal. As long as you have a good and original idea. With cheap keychains printed you have a lot of choice for less than 25 cents each. This is really very cheap, but can serve your purpose just as well as printing luxury keychains.

Printing luxury keychains

Why would you choose luxury keychains when, as you have just read, having cheap key chains made is also an option? With some brands this just fits better. If you sell expensive cars, a nice leather keychains with a car brand logo is simply a better fit. These hand-made keychains really exude exclusivity. Choose materials such as (artificial) leather, metal or high-quality plastic. This can give your desired brand experience a boost.

Keychains in small edition and with minimum order quantity

Would you like to have keychains made in small numbers? This is possible, however this is not possible with every type. For some, the minimum print run is higher than for others.

Advantages of Custom Keychains 

You have many design options and you don’t have to be a designer yourself to make beautiful keychains. When buying keychains from us from you will receive a free proof to judge for yourself whether everything is to your liking. Choose from printing with a logo or company name and see what you like. Printing a keychain with a name is of course one of the possibilities. You don’t even have to make a design. You can also easily print a logo or logo on the keychains without a design. After placing your order, we will guide you through the delivery of the logo or text. Of course you can also ask us all your questions beforehand .

Custom Keychains with logos

Custom Keychains with logos are the best choice for promotional gifts. When you have a clear logo, it can give a huge boost to your brand awareness. Your designer or supplier of printed matter often already has this file ready. If you still can’t figure it out, one phone call to us is enough. We will be happy to assist you and, if necessary, can create this type of file for you. We ensure that the keychains with the logo are of the highest quality. This is the reason that when buying keychains from us, we spend a lot of time on the guidance.

Custom Keychain with logo or text?

If your logo is too large or too complex to print on the keychains, it is better to write out the company name or the name of the website. A keychain with a logo with multiple colors is more expensive than a keychain with a name printed cheaply. The latter can only be done in one color. The advantage of printing text or the website on the keychains is that you offer the recipient some extras. Read on for tips on how to print a keychain with a name cheaply.

Custom Keychain with name cheap

Keychains with a logo are very beautiful, but don’t underestimate the power of having a keychain with a name made cheap in large numbers. Because it is printed in one color, the price is lower. So you can save money by buying keychains and then use them for a larger edition of your keychains promotional gift. The higher the circulation, the more you can give out and the greater your reach. A keychains with the name of the website or other contact details is especially effective for a large reach. In addition to the cheap keychain with the name cheap, there are even more smart options.

Custom Keychain with QR code

Printing a keychain with a QR code offers people the opportunity to scan the QR code via their mobile phone and directly visit a website, download an app or perform any other desired assignment online. This is a nice alternative to the logo keychain and can be added to the logo keychain yourself. For the QR code keychains, we again have a lot of choices in the implementation. Custom keychain promotional gifts can be done with QR code, but this technique offers many more possibilities.

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