May 29, 2023

Like other branches of medicine, psychiatry has specialists in specific areas. For some people, these specialties can be confusing, and they may not know which psychiatrist to see when seeking psychiatric help. If you are going to see a psychiatrist, it is important to understand these areas so that you can choose the right psychiatrist in Lahore for you.

Types of psychiatrists

Psychiatrists can work in different fields after completing training as a specialist or general psychiatrist. Working in one area of psychiatry requires more training, more clinical time and more specialized training.

Child and adolescent psychiatrists Child and adolescent psychiatrists are trained to treat patients under the age of 18. The treatment of young patients needs to take into account normal development, especially if medication or medical intervention is needed. If you have a child or adolescent who needs psychiatric treatment, be sure to consult a psychiatrist with this specialized training.

Geriatric psychiatrists Geriatric psychiatrists specialize in treating older patients. Older patients have special needs and some neurological conditions, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, can be treated by a psychiatrist. Because these conditions are sometimes associated with other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, it is important for elderly patients to see a geriatric psychiatrist who is trained in the treatment of these and other mental illnesses.

Psychiatrists who specialize in addiction. Addiction best psychiatrist in lahore specialize in the treatment of addictions. Patients with drug and alcohol problems may also have psychological problems, such as depression and trauma. Addiction psychiatrists are specially trained to treat substance abuse disorders and their related symptoms. They can determine the cause of addiction and diagnose pre-existing mental disorders. They may also prescribe medications to overcome withdrawal symptoms and underlying mental illness.

Forensic psychiatrist Forensic psychiatrists specialize in the study of mental disorders that lead to criminal behavior. Forensic psychiatrists are often involved in the criminal and justice systems in various capacities. For example, their expertise may be used to determine whether a prisoner should be tried or institutionalized.

Psychoneurologist A psychoneurologist is a psychiatrist who is responsible for treating mental disorders.

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