June 8, 2023
Knife block set

Knife block set

A Knife Block Set is a set of cutlery that has been specifically designed for knife block sets. The block is made of hard plastic with ridges and grooves that make it easier to grip. This prevents pieces from slipping while they are chopped, diced, or sliced. The edges have been rounded and the knives have been sharpened to prevent injuries.

When my wife and I opened our first restaurant together, I had one thing on the top of my mind: knives. What good is a kitchen without them? And what good are knives without a proper way to keep them organized and within reach?

There were many excellent options for knife blocks, but the Henkels Kitchen Knife Block Set was one of the few with removable blocks that could be used for different needs – for example, when we need to store a santoku knife or bread knife.

Henckels 10055-015 “Lost Fly Knife” 5-Piece Set includes an 18cm Santoku Knife, 18cm Western Knife, 13cm Junior Knife and Cologne Kitchen Scissors in a wooden knife block. Heavy and sharp black resin corrosion-resistant special stainless steel blade Heavy and sharp ABS resin handle. Block size 17 x 7 x 21 (L x W x D) cm (28 cm on the blade) Unused but has minor scratches and blemishes from storage but not noticeable. The overall impression is clean. Please see the photos to check the actual condition of the accessories before purchasing. Packaging may be chipped, torn, or soiled. Due to amateur testing, we could not confirm details that cannot be guaranteed without verification. Avoid those who are looking for the perfect product. Buy after confirming the above. 

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About the Product 

Light and durable 18cm gold-plated blade coated with black resin. Black lacquer handle coating. Handle designed to fit your hand without slipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Q: Q: What is the difference between Henckels Kitchen Knives and Henckels Pastry Knives? 

A: The main difference between the two types of Knives is in the shape and size of the blade. They have a very similar shape, but Pastry Knives are generally thinner than Kitchen knives. Like all Kitchen Knives, Pastry Knives have a longer blade than most other types of knives. These knives can be used for a wide range of purposes, including slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping. Pastry Knives have an extra-fine blade that is used for smaller tasks like mincing garlic. Additional to the fine teeth of the blade, Pastry Knives are also designed to be thin and elegant. To make them easy to hold, they often have one or two large handles that help you control the knife while cutting. The other main difference between Kitchen Knives Sets and Pastry Knives is the weight. Kitchen knives are heavier than Pastry Knives, which makes them easier to use for extended periods and more difficult to use when you are in a hurry. But of course, this depends on how heavy-handed you are! 

Q: Q: What is the difference between Henckels Kitchen Knives and Henckels Professional/Specialty Knives? 

A: There is no difference in the quality of these two types of knives. They are both made to be strong and durable. But Kitchen knives are less expensive and tend to be used for a wide range of culinary tasks, including cooking meat and vegetables. Professional/specialty knives, on the other hand, are sturdier than kitchen knives but still not as sturdy as professional chef’s knives. They are not intended for use in a busy kitchen environment. They are used by home cooks and professionals to prepare food for parties and special occasions. Professional/specialty knives are designed to be beautiful and stylish, but not made for heavy-duty tasks. For example, you would use a Professional/specialty knife to cut fine slices of meat or produce, not potatoes! 

Q: Q: What is the difference between Henckels Kitchen Knives and Henckels Steak Knives? 

A: This is another variation of the same theme. Steak knives are designed to be used with meals that require steak knives. They are special kitchen knives that include a smaller blade and a more extended handle than regular kitchen knives. Steak knives make it easier to cut meat and serve it to your customers without tearing the meat apart. The blades of these specialty knives are made from high-quality steel and they tend to be thicker than most other types of kitchen knives. This makes them strong enough to withstand being dropped without breaking or cracking. Steak knives are most commonly used by cooks in restaurants. They are much less expensive than professional chef’s knives, and they’re the preferred choice for most home cooks. 

Q: Q: What is the difference between Henckels Kitchen Knives and Henckels Professional/Specialty Steak Knives? 

A: The main difference between these two types of Steak Knives lies in the style of blades. Professional/specialty steak knives have larger blades and shorter handles than regular kitchen knives.

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