June 8, 2023

Infographic: 6 types of entrepreneurs that exist Although all entrepreneurs are unique, they tend to share characteristics with certain archetypes. Some entrepreneurs are true inventors who see the challenges of building a business as a necessary evil; Others are bona fide marketers who believe they can attract consumers with any offer. and others simply want to contribute to making this a better world.

Why does this matter? In my opinion, the sooner you learn what your strengths are, the better equipped you will be to launch a business that has a better chance of survival and success. I’ve always wondered if there’s a way to quickly figure out what the ‘sweet spot’ of an entrepreneur is and optimize my mentoring based on those strengths and weaknesses.

Interesting Step

I recently discovered an interesting step in that direction thanks to the book “Entrepreneurial DNA” by Joe Abraham. Its methodology measures how well the skills and personality of an entrepreneur match up in the four quadrants: Builder, Opportunist, Specialist to Innovator. Discovering what type of entrepreneur you are is just the beginning. After all, it’s all about capitalizing on those strengths, skirting your weaknesses, and creating a plan that works for you.

This categorization methodology is especially useful for incubators, accelerators, and consulting services, as well as finding the right support for you. For this reason, we recommend that you take a look at each one and reflect on which one you belong to or which one you most identify with. There are four other types of entrepreneurs that are present in the current ecosystem. Which one are you?

1. Builder

These entrepreneurs are the ultimate players in the business game; they are always looking to be two or three steps ahead of the competition. They are usually described as focused, cold, ruthless, and calculating. Many would say that Donald Trump falls into this category.

2. Opportunistic

The Opportunist corresponds to the speculative part of the internal entrepreneur that we all have. He is that part of our beings that wants to be at the right time and place. Taking advantage of the timing to earn as much money as possible. If you’ve ever been tempted to accept a monetary deal. Like buying a stock or real estate, that’s your opportunistic side speaking.

3. Specialist

Infographic: 6 types of entrepreneurs that exist. This entrepreneur will enter an industry and stay in it for 15 to 20 years. They have extensive industry knowledge and experience, but often struggle to stand out in competitive markets. These correspond to, for example, graphic designers, IT experts or independent accountants and lawyers.

4. Innovative

We will generally find the innovative entrepreneur in the business ‘laboratory’ working on an invention. Recipe concept system or product that can be the basis of one or more businesses. The Innovator’s challenge is to focus on the realities of the business and the true possibilities of the product. What characteristics of these types of entrepreneurs do you identify with? If you are starting your path in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We share 21 tips for young entrepreneurs and 3 Stanford recommendations for entrepreneurs .

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