June 8, 2023

After years of ban on the use of cannabis, the Canadian government condemned this law in 2018, legalizing weed’s status across the country. The production and sales of marijuana have been legalized for adults of an age decided by each province. The estimations indicate a sale of 1.6 billion CAD for edibles in a year. Another billion uplifts are expected in the upcoming year. The country has counted more than about 3000 cannabis stores nationwide. The rules for cannabis use vary in all provinces and territories. Scroll down to familiarize yourself with those legal regulations before you visit a weed store or buy CBD online.

The Quantity You Can Buy Legally

The quantity rule is equal for the entire country, regardless of the province you buy in. Every adult’s purchase is limited to 30 mg of cannabis. The cost can vary from one region to another; however, 30 mg can be anywhere between CAD 160 to 400. 

What is the Legal age? 

Many states in Canada have settled to the age of 19 years for legal cannabis consumption. However, in Alberta, the age limitations are for individuals below 18. Quebec state has raised the age limit to 21 years for cannabis use.

Where are you allowed to smoke marijuana?

No state in Canada permits smoking inside public places, whether in work establishments or on public transport. This rule remains the same for both cigarette and cannabis smoking. 

However, some provinces, such as Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, have allowed the masses to smoke cannabis in areas where cigarette smoking is permitted. 

Where can you buy cannabis?

There are numerous stores available in every state and city where you can buy weed online or offline. If you visit a store, you must be accompanied by a government ID to enter the store. Here is what to expect when you buy weed in an Ontario-based store:

Opening a store in Ontario has become highly convenient, and that’s why the province has encountered a growth in newly opened weed stores. In most of these stores, you can explore cannabis-driven products such as pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, weed flowers, and cannabis oils. The price range can be different in each store when you buy weed online in Toronto, Windsor, Kingston, or other cities in Ontario. There are a few regulations applicable to online delivery, many provinces allow individuals to purchase weed online. You can find a reliable online store and purchase as desired. Whether at home or at a hotel, the choice is all yours.

Other relevant regulations

There have been a variety of edibles, including vape pens, beverages, and edibles, available for consumers to buy since 2019. Whether you order weed online or in a store, you cannot carry them to a restaurant and have your cannabis-infused meal. Health Canada has maintained restrictions on selling cannabis-infused meals in restaurants. However, some exceptional events are being conducted in Ontario using the cannabis dinner concept legally.

Besides, you are permitted to carry just the legal quantity (30 mg) on an airplane when travelling on domestic flights. This quantity will be checked by the airport facility when boarding the plane. In contrast, when travelling to other countries, this is still illegal to carry cannabis across borders. Negligence in adhering to this law can put you in major legal trouble.

Wrapping Up

If you are a beginner in the cannabis industry, you must know the legality concerns before you try or buy CBD online for yourself. This knowledge will keep you away from potential legal issues. Search for complete legal matters before you buy cannabis from any of the provinces across Canada.

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