May 30, 2023

Age is not a factor to be taken into account when it comes to building muscle. If you provide enough iron to build muscle, eat healthy and clean and get enough rest to let the growth hormones work , building muscle is not difficult. However, muscle mass tends to decrease after the age of 30, so you need ways to slow down the loss of muscle mass and build new muscle tissue. Here are some factors that affect muscle growth at different ages.


The late teens and early twenties are the ideal age to start bodybuilding or joining gym in Lahore’ . This is because puberty and bodybuilding are closely related and muscle growth is the fastest: Between the ages of 17 and 25, testosterone triggers explosive muscle growth. However, training and intensity should be moderate: By following the 10% rule and increasing the intensity one tenth at a time, you can give your body enough incentive to grow. However, this does not mean that growth will stop, but rather that the pace will slow down a bit .    

  Exercising for the first time?

When you take iron for a while after a sedentary lifestyle, new muscle fibers are formed, muscle tissue is strengthened and you become noticeably stronger. It is not uncommon to see a 10, 20 or 30 percent increase in muscle strength in the first 12 weeks. In the first three months of training, more fat is burned and muscle tissue expands by absorbing water.

     Be consistent in your efforts

Slow and steady wins races and actually makes muscles grow. Don’t train frantically. You run the risk of injuring yourself and finding it difficult to lift heavy weights until you recover. Lack of exercise can deteriorate your hard-earned muscles. So exercise consistently and sensibly. Run, do sit-ups and exercises that strengthen your quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Make sure the resistance and repetitions are sufficient to fatigue muscle tissue; the ACSM recommends 8 to 12 repetitions for each exercise.

     Alternative muscle groups

Exercises such as squats, biceps curls and bench presses save the most time and energy because they burn more calories and build more muscle. During strength training, muscle tissue suffers microscopic damage, which is repaired with a protein-rich diet and adequate rest. Muscles can only regenerate when they are sufficiently rested.

The ACSM recommends dividing the training into three days as follows

Day 1: Pectorals, triceps and shoulders.

Day 2: Lower body (quads, hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings, hamstrings).

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