June 8, 2023
Top Medical Universities in China

Medical Science in China

After completing their physics, chemistry, and biology courses in 12th grade, most students want to continue their medical studies. Some of them want to study MBBS abroad. So for these students, it is very important for their future to study MBBS in China, as China has Medical Council of Pakistan (PMC) and World Health Organization (WHO) approved medical universities, and this country is the best for Pakistani students as it is close to PMC and has the most suitable medical school.

It is very easy to apply for Top Medical Universities in China and the fee structure is very favorable. There are many different options for medical schools in China. So we have compiled a list of the top 10 medical schools in China for Pakistani students.

1. Three Gorges University, China

This university, which is one of the most prestigious universities in China, was established in 2000 and has been approved by the Ministry of Education. The main objective of the university is to promote global education by allowing students of different nationalities to study MBBS in the best MBBS university in China.

Main advantages. World-class teaching standards and renowned professors. Top-ranking university. Exposure to the international community. Internship in a world-class medical institution. World-class infrastructure.

2. Ningxia University

Ningxia University was founded in 1958 and is a comprehensive regional university. The university consists of three campuses and has more than 2,600 qualified faculty and staff members. In addition, this university is also known as a dual-discipline university according to the Chinese Ministry of Education. Therefore, this medical university is recommended as the best MBBS university in China 2023.

Main advantages. International recognition. Top-ranking university. High-quality education at affordable costs. Exchange programs to study around the world. Affordable accommodation. Effective internships.

3. Wenzhou Medical University

Founded in 1912, Wenzhou Medical University has a long history of co-development, earning it a ranking as one of the top co-development universities in China by the National Health Council, the Ministry of Education and the Zhejiang Provincial Government. You must pass this university once to be admitted to MBBS in China.

Key benefits: practice in the best hospitals. Lectures by award winners. Advanced laboratories and digital assessments. Access to an electronic library. World recognition.

4. Anhui Medical University

Anhui Medical University was established in 1925 in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, the Family Welfare Commission and the Ministry of Education. The university’s clear motivation is to train a wide range of doctors and other practitioners with a high level of practice. This university has 24 teaching units, 10 affiliated hospitals, 42 clinical schools and 37 teaching hospitals, making it the best MBBS university in China.

Key advantages: Extended curriculum. Best on-campus accommodation facilities. The best university facilities. The best university facilities. Best location in MBBS. Modern classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment.

5. Jilin University

Jilin University was founded in 1946. It is a leading national research university under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Jilin is always considered one of the most prestigious medical universities in China. This makes it the best university for students from all over the world studying under the MBBS programme.

Key advantages: affordable tuition fees. Medical courses approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Scholarships for graduates. Easy admission procedure Best quality of education.

6. Xi’an Jiaotong University

This university was founded in 1896. It is one of the top 10 medical universities in China, directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China. Xi’an University also has eight affiliated hospitals, two of which are among the top 100 hospitals in China. This certainly gives you no choice but to consider doing an MBBS in China.

Key benefits. Top-class teaching hospitals. Excellent medical schools. Affordable fee structure. Easy admission process. Opportunity for a successful career.

7 Chinese Medical University

China Medical University was founded in 1931. This university is the first medical university in China, founded by the Military Medical College and the Military Medical College of China and is one of the best MBBS universities in China, because the admission procedure of this university was very tough, so only the best students were admitted to this university, that’s why it ranks first in the list of the best medical universities in China. 1931.

Highlights. Common practice. International recognition. Affordable fees. Best quality education. Affiliated hospitals.

8. North Sichuan Medical University

North Sichuan Medical University was founded in 1951. This university is a non-profit organization run by the Chinese government. Students like this university because of the quality of education and the beauty of the campus. Studying MBBS in China at this university will be a dream come true for many.

International recognition Top university Excellent quality of education Dormitory facilities.

9 place in the international ranking

This university was founded in 1902. Jiangsu University has a great history of development as it has always changed and merged, but in 2001 it was finally recognized as Jiangsu Medical University by merging two universities. This university mainly focuses on four elements: the first is to improve the qualification of students, the second is to strengthen the university with great talents, the third is to unite and promote the main qualities of the university, and the fourth is the cooperation of students and teachers with each other and with the university.

Key benefits. Worldwide recognition of the quality of education. Advanced technology and smart classrooms on campus. Advanced teaching facilities The best university facilities.

10 Shandong Medical University

Shandong medical university was founded in 1901. It is one of the largest universities in the country and among the top 10 medical universities in China. The university had several campuses for different courses and offered students quality education. In 2002, it started international programs to admit students from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, the United States, etc.

Main advantages. Global recognition. Best faculty. A university of the highest level. Higher education. University infrastructure and campus.

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