June 8, 2023
Study MBBS in Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University, China

Jiangsu University is located in the city of Zhejiang, near Shanghai, the capital of China.

The university is considered the best in the region and has a good reputation in China. The university covers an area of 550 hectares.

The PMC also approves the university. This makes this university one of the best places for medical aspirants who wish to Study MBBS in Jiangsu University.

Some seats are always reserved for international students, for example, 20 Pakistani students can be admitted here and other seats are available for other students.

In total, there are 1500 international students studying here.

The university was founded in 1902.

For students who have completed or are about to complete their studies, there is nothing bad to say about the staff and teaching methods, making it one of the best universities to study MBBS in China.

A brief introduction to Jiangsu University

  • Founded in 1902
  • Location Shanghai, the capital of China
  • Language of Instruction English
  • Course duration 5 years + 1 year internship
  • Direct flight from Delhi (about 3:15 hours)
  • Temperature min -9, max 32
  • MDCAT Exam Yes, it is mandatory
  • PMC accredited University approved by WHO
  • World Ranking 1356

Why should I study at Jiangsu University?

Jiangsu University is located in Zhenjiang Province, near the capital of China, Shanghai.

The university is considered the best higher education institution in the region and has a good reputation in China.

The university covers an area of 550 hectares.

Undergraduate students are offered about 11 disciplines.

The university focuses not only on teaching but also on developing critical thinking in students through the education system.

The university is accredited and recognized by the National Medical Association and the World Health Organization.

Jiangsu University offers its students the best hands-on education.

The MBBS program at the University is conducted in English.

Location and time

The city of Zhenjiang is blessed with a mild climate throughout the year. The climate is mostly hot with sudden rainfall. The monsoon rains can bring significant rainfall here. This climate and the climate of the university campus are also ideal for international students.

How to get to Jiangsu University

Three types of transportation are available to reach the university campus. Bus, train and plane. Due to its proximity to Shanghai, the city has ample transportation facilities.

The address of this university is as follows: No. 301 Xuefu Road, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, China.


The availability of food at Jiangsu University cannot be disputed. The canteen in the dormitory building offers a variety of food that will appeal to non-vegetarian international students.

There are several restaurants and canteens offering good and healthy food. Chinese cuisine is world-famous and students can enjoy it as they wish.

Teaching and learning facilities at Jiangsu University

It is one of the few universities that offers almost all courses in English. Therefore, the language of instruction is entirely in English.


Students must have achieved at least 60% in grade

Students must have more than 55% MDCAT qualification in 10+2 PCB otherwise they will not be allowed to apply.

There are various entrance exams for Humanities and other subjects like Law, Engineering, etc. which are conducted online, and passing them is the only way to apply.

Students or applicants must be at least 17 years old and less than 25 years old.

Students must have taken Chemistry, Physics and Biology in grade 12.


An MBBS degree or any other undergraduate degree from Jiangsu University can be important.

The university has a B+ rating and is one of the top 200 universities in Asia, making it an even better place to study MBBS.

It is also approved by the PMC, which doubles its value. It also offers graduate programs of equal value and importance.

MBBS at Jiangsu University is a 6-year training program, including a 1-year internship.

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