June 8, 2023
advantages of making employee of the month certificate template with PhotoADKing

You can create high-quality certificates using PhotoADKing. The employee of the month certificate Templates is simple to customize and delivered promptly. You can use PhotoADKing’s incredible tools, such as customizing the background and date as well as the logo, employee name, and image, to design your employee of the month certificate in a professional manner. You can even use your own typeface for your trademark and signature. For the creation of your certificate, you are not required to hire a designer.

With a quick and simple template editor, PhotoADKing offers completely editable employee-of-the-month certificate templates. No design expertise is necessary. You only need to select a template to get started. Create your employee of the month certificate right away by creating an account with PhotoADKing.

Creative Employee of the Month Certificate Template
Creative Employee of the Month Certificate Template

HD photos

For clear visibility and excellent clarity, PhotoADKing offers high-quality images that you may upload to your certificate or any other design. In your template or certificate, you can also upload photographs from your personal computer, mobile device, or Google.


In addition to offering a tonne of templates and certificates, PhotoADKing also offers a tonne of an employee of the month certificate templates. Other templates and certificates offered by the company include real estate, roofing, sports, DJ, and Jewelry templates, as well as pressure washing. That simplifies your life and covers a wide range of issues. As a result, you can find whatever you need from this place.


The best aspect is that you can choose a template or certificate that is relevant to your work and then customize it for your business by using images, stickers, and a variety of other items.


There is no designing skill requirement while using PhotoADKing.

Arc text effect:

  • What do you think of the text that is only alphabetized?
  • a new “arc text effect” that allows you to wrap and roll the text whichever you like.
  • Arc text effects will add attractive appeal and brilliance to your text.
  • specify the required kerning and diameter for customized wrapping.

SVG color editor:

  • Your work is made easier by the optimized SVG editor’s bright colors, which are easily applied to fonts, shapes, and other template elements.
  • Do you like to alter a default template color? Attempt SVG Editor.
  • Using solid colors or gradient effects, paint any element.
  • Using a stroke or uncluttered set the desired opacity.

Background cropper:

  • Don’t want the background to be fully removed? Crop with your preferred background cropper what you wish to keep.
  • Simply choose the image, go to the backdrop menu, and choose editor – crop/erase – crop to crop any given image on your design.
  • Choose the region you want to keep, then click Save.
  • The altered image will be immediately replaced with the original.

Organize in one folder:

  • Experience no hassles thanks to a well-organized organizational structure.
  • Manage various projects with separate folders for simple access and storage.
  • To avoid chaos while looking for a certain template, make a separate folder for each project you undertake.
  • This is as easy to manage as the folders on your computer or smartphone.

Advanced 3D editor:

  • With the help of a simple 3D editor, create original effects for text and shapes.
  • Personalized material type, gloss, and color bring words or graphics to life.
  • employ personalized transformation effects with the specified size, rotation, and position.
  • Choose from a variety of options for the object to be displayed, including rotations, scale, shadows, and more.

There are also tools like Quick format painter, Background remover, and many more.

Stickers & Fonts

Get familiar with the countless timeless fonts and stickers that may be used to give your text and template a catchy appearance. Our font collection includes both artistic and humorous fonts to meet any purpose. No matter if you’re making a template for personal or commercial usage, there are always a lot of appropriate typefaces and stickers available.

Save and Download

You can store your work in PhotoADKing to finish it later, and once you’re finished, you can download it in any of these three formats, depending on what’s appropriate for you. PDF, JPG, and PNG.

Free to use

Simply register or login in to utilize the free employee of the month certificate and other templates available to you on PhotoADKing.

Let’s look at some attention-grabbing samples of certificate templates for employees of the month.

An employee of the month certificates

A dark employee of the month certificate

Dark employee of the month template
A dark employee of the month template

Black Employee of the month Certificate Template

Black EOM Certificate
Black EOM Certificate

An employee of the month certificate with red and white layouts

best worker reward
best worker reward

sky blue employee of the month certificate template

sky blue employee of the month certificate template
sky blue employee of the month certificate template

Good layout employee of the month certificate

good layout design
good layout design

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