June 8, 2023

Hoodies form a staple in all wardrobes. Their versatility adds to their popularity. Hoodies are available in a wide range of materials like cashmere and cotton and in various styles such as dressy and streetwear. The history of the production of hoodies involves Champion first producing hoodies in the 1930s. Since then, they have undergone numerous changes, including being merely athletic or an outdoor working man’s practical item, a tool used by young criminals, particularly graffiti artists, to hide their identities, and a component of the punk, hip-hop, and skater cultures. Hoodies have been made appropriate for casual and sophisticated attire for people of any age. Wearing hoodies is perfect for any occasion – lounging at home, doing everyday errands, exercising, or an evening date. It actually depends on the fabric, fit, and styling of the hoodie.

What is a hoodie and how is it different from a sweatshirt?

Hoodies are a type of sweatshirt. A hoodie is similar to a sweatshirt or a pullover in terms of ribbing at the cuffs and hem made out of a jersey knit fabric that has a fuzzy or looped backing.

Add a hood to the sweatshirt which is usually accompanied with a kangaroo pocket, and voila you have a hoodie! Hoodies are suitable as well as practical given their options for warmth as well as storage

Hoodies for men 

Athleisure and streetwear styles have increased demand for men’s hoodies and sweatshirts.The streetwear trend has been popular for a while. According to 62% of poll participants, streetwear is always in vogue.

For workout and daily activities, athletic clothes must have specific characteristics. Sweatshirts and hoodies frequently go well together. For sportswear, men also like hoodies and sweatshirts. These products are appropriate for use in cooler outdoor climates. 

The hoodies for men that are the most wearable can be used for a range of functional and fashionable purposes. They allow you to break up the monotony of wearing the same pair of pants and shirt every day while still keeping you warm! The possibilities are endless with only a simple hoodie. One of the few really versatile pieces in men’s fashion, it can be worn at any time of the year, looks good on all body types, and is easy to layer. You can dress up or dress down a hoodie. 

So the best men’s hoodies have the best fit and the comfort. Because men specifically, most cannot compromise with comfort over style. 

Types of Hoodies

Zip Up Hoodie

Zip up hoodies are arguably the most commonly used types of hoodies. Zip up hoodies lie somewhere between sweatshirts and jackets. They serve as ideal clothing options for days when it’s too cold to go out in just a t-shirt but too warm to wear a heavier coat. They’re also great for layering because they’re so simple to put on and take off. 

Zip up hoodies are practical as they go well with both casual and professional attire. Zip up hoodies are classified as one of the most stylish as well as functional hoodies for men, but only a few people know how to style them. A zip-up sweatshirt is perfect for the streetwear and athleisure looks, but when styled correctly, it can also be worn to work.They are incredibly comfortable and seem effortless to carry around once worn.

Pull over hoodie

Pullover hoodie has the most iconic hoodie look.The classic pullover hoodie has no zip and is a hooded sweatshirt that must be worn by pulling it over the head. The pullover loses some versatility and practicality when compared to the zip-up hoodie, but it gains in warmth. They make up the perfect winter hoodies for men. A classic, the pullover hoodie is what first comes to mind when you say hoodie. It looks good as an oversized hoodie and also in a snug fit. 

Although there are no rules to fashion, here are a few tricks to ensure that you look the best version of yourself in the hoodie that is made for you:

  • Hoodies look great dressed up or down. For casual occasions, you are more likely to dress down a zippered hoodie and dress up a pullover hoodie.
  • Layer a pullover under an unstructured jacket or, for a more form-fitting look, under a tailored coat, overcoat, or leather jacket to dress up a hoodie. Wear it with jeans, tailored pants, or khakis. Minimalist sneakers will compliment the outfit.
  • Button ups, polos, Henley’s, sweaters or t-shirts can all be layered under zip up or pullover hoodies to achieve the effortless yet put together casual look. 
  • Oversized hoodies are in trend but they can give you a shortened as well as widened look 
  • Shop for pieces that fulfil the function you seek through them. Simple colours and minimalist designs work for a professional look whereas graphic and colourful hoodies showcase more of your personality.
  • Pick quality materials that are durable

Hoodies are timeless and hence its essential to invest in the right fit and material. Minimaliste Clothing provides quality hoodies that you can make staples in your wardrobe.

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