March 21, 2023

Washi tape strips are a speedy and simple method for making fun Christmas tree plans in a rush! In Julie Kirk’s card she’s consolidated and covered various varieties, examples and surfaces of tape, then enrich the completed tree with pearls. As this plan is so speedy and simple to make, it’s an incredible decision on the off chance that you have a huge clump of cards to make washi tape.

Or on the other hand for another fast Christmas  project, tear your washi strips to the length of your card, for a super current look. A twine wrapping (with the flat twine took care of through a cut in the overlay of the card) and a component welcoming completion the plan pleasantly. For additional bubbly undertakings look at our Christmas creates area.

Washi tape pipe update

Honey We’re Home is back with restroom washi tape projects! Improve plain lines with old washi tape so your under sink can look shining.

Adorable washi tape rabbit labels

Rehash After Me’s Easter rabbit labels are produced using white pom poms and washi tape. Figure out how to make a pom with our instructional exercise and afterward look at our Easter specialties for additional spring projects.

Washi tape liners

Keep your mugs content with Home Talk’s washi tape liner instructional exercise.

washi tape blossoms

Make your own pack of blossoms that won’t ever pass on with Do-It-Yourself Candy’s washi tape bouquet instructional exercise.

heart work of art

Transform your washi tape into heart work of art for your walls. Craftaholics Mysterious shows you how on their blog.

Where to purchase washi tape

There’s lots of various brands and free stores which sell washi tape. From wide washi to Disney washi, there is a washi tape for everybody! We’ve accumulated three of our #1 spots to purchase washi tape – Etsy, Amazon and Hobbycraft so you get some really adorable washi tape and get imaginative.

Who sells washi tape?


Etsy is the go-to site for free venders and special washi tape. We particularly love their scope of wide washi tape and washi which has little characters on. Etsy has so many washi tape thoughts you won’t know which to purchase first.

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