March 21, 2023

Summer season means outdoor enjoyment in the exterior of your home including relaxing family talks, barbecues, and holiday picnics. So, upgrading your exterior home spaces is ideal in summer to keep enjoying while making your house interior safe and cool.

While living in the metro areas of Los Angeles, you can take advantage of local home improvement services in-home or consult them digitally. Either way, you will end up with a beautifully shaded and renovated home planned according to your budget.

Here is a checklist of essential summer home improvements you can do to live summer comfortably and aesthetically.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Home In Summer?

Upgrading your home is nothing more than focusing on exterior furniture, window treatment, walkway renewal, patio shades, and introducing eye-popping flower species. However, patio covers Los Angeles and local window treatments are the favorite of new homemakers as they add value to the home and protect the home from sun damage while living in LA metro area.

Moreover, consulting with the best home improvers and carrying treatment of windows or other open spaces is effective as they can do renovation with LA custom blinds and shades. It will save your extra effort and also keep your home dark, cool, comfortable, and out of extreme sun rays and mid-day heat.

Summer is ideal for such LA custom installations because there will be no regular snow falling and other cold-numbing weather delays. You don’t have to clean snow piles from windows or outdoor walkways to proceed with new installations or fix the old ones.

And not only this, easier ventilation also prevents dust particles from piling up on your home inside in summer. So, avoid the winter weather delays and work on your home renovation with the following home projects to welcome summer.

Introduce Custom Patio Shades

Patios or mini quads are the first place outside the home known for their comfort and enjoyability. In summer, you need to cover the patio to keep it safe from direct sunlight, rain, and severe damage from ultraviolet rays. The waterproof patio covering is better than normal as it allows you to enjoy rainy weather more realistically.

There are a lot of options available when looking for ready-made patio coverings or shades. However, customized or made-to-measure patio shades are always preferable because of their trusted installation and enhanced beauty. Such patio covers are designed according to your demands and preferences so fit perfectly into your courtyard and surrounding area.

You can go for either a manual or motorized installation method to upgrade your home exterior so that it would be budget-friendly. This way, you can spend your free evenings while sitting in patios or enjoying family talks on weekends far away from sharp sun rays.

Make High-End Window Treatment

Cover your windows with appropriate shades or blinds depending on to which extent you need sunlight to let in normally. Window shades are made of thick opaque fabrics that strictly control the sunlight in the mid days of summer. on the other side, window blinds are more tactile in nature as they are made of a wide range of hard solid materials. Blinds give you more control over sunlight inlet or blockage.

So, introducing window blinds to your home will be another stylish improvement you can do before the summer sets. You can either install window blinds with a manual control or motorized option according to your needs. Window blinds can be made of wood, vinyl, PVC, aluminum, Venetian, or glass you can pick while staying on budget.

Build A Complete Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are handy additions to luxurious homes as these make outdoor cooking easier. The trend of making outdoor kitchens is rising in Los Angeles California and nearby areas as these cooking spaces are the main plus points of stylish homes.

Moreover, investing in an outdoor kitchen will multiply the value of home and enhance the cost of overall home purchase by more than 100%. So, this home improvement project will benefit you in the long run when you may want to sell the house at good price. Besides all these, outdoor kitchen will make your family barbecues, delicious outdoor platters, and party snacks more fun.

Paint Your Home Interior And Exterior

Painting your home with a new bold color changes the overall perception of the existing home spaces. So, give a new color to interior house walls, overheads, and exterior decks. This summer, live a new beginning of your home by painting your bedroom, living room, tv lounge, study space, hall, and walkways with new exciting colors.

This home upgrading project will not take much time and it would be easier to apply in the summer. You can also introduce ready-made colorful strips to decorate your living room as it’s quite easier and will impart new stylish look to your existing home spaces.

Add Some Colorful Landscapes Around Your Home

Doing plantation or landscaping is a healthy activity and it can also change the overall look of your home. Summer is the best time to do planting as plants will get enough sun exposure to thrive stunningly.

This home upgrading option is totally customizable and depends on your liking whether you want to surround the home exterior entirely, plant some flower beds around walkways, or surround the porch with pots.

You can also introduce new plant species to your home landscape or try existing ones of your choice. However, it’s better to introduce some taller or wider plant species to your home as these will add beauty to your outdoors and immediately take the viewer’s attention.

Final Words

Introducing patio covers, window blinds, outdoor kitchens, landscapes, and colorful paints can surprisingly upgrade your home exterior and interior. These projects are easy ideas for homeowners living in the metro areas of Los Angeles as they can carry out home improvement through various local home improvers. However, these ideas are also best to try for every kind of home inside or outside spaces to welcome summer.

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