June 8, 2023

After being attacked by Real Madrid star Federico Valverde in a bus parking lot, Alex Baena has decided to take legal action against the player. However, the Uruguayan midfielder might lose as much as 12 games due to suspension.

From Vn88 Rezence, Federico Valverde is notorious for blocking Alex Baena’s path in the bus parking lot and then punching him in the face after the Villarreal and Real Madrid game. The Villarreal player then showed up with a black eye.

Alex Baena insulted Federico Valverde’s family during their Spanish King’s Cup match in January of this year. Cry, your baby won’t be born,” Alex Baena whispered in his opponent’s ear.

That comment was made at a time when the Real Madrid star’s beloved wife was experiencing health issues and was at risk of miscarrying. The happy ending is that Federico Valverde’s wife beat the odds and gave birth to a healthy child. Yet, W88 wonders that the Uruguayan superstar didn’t let go of his dispute with Alex Baena.

Alex Baena sued Federico Valverde for assault after being assaulted by him. Official Villarreal website announced and shared on rezence.com: “Last night, on the route to the bus after the game against Real Madrid, Alex Baena was attacked. The Villarreal player has responded to this circumstance by filing a complaint with the Commission, seeking redress from the attacker. Anti-Violence Committee of Spain. Violence of any kind is categorically rejected by Villarreal Club. No matter what happens in court, our guys have our full support.”

Also, W88 said that if Alex Baena applies to the La Liga Organizational Committee, he might face a 12-game suspension, which would be a major blow to his Real Madrid career. Instead of informing La Liga, the Villarreal club allowed Alex Baena to make the call.

Federico Valverde’s absence for any length of time would be devastating to Real Madrid. But many supporters of Los Blancos have spoken out in favor of the Uruguayan star’s decision to prioritize his family.

Recent news accounts from Vn88 Rezence have detailed an incident involving a Real Madrid star that took place on the field and could spell the end of his career. Concerns have been raised regarding the player’s future career prospects after reports surfaced that he hit an opponent in the eyes during a heated match.

Football’s core values of fair play and sportsmanship make punching and other forms of intentional violence illegal. A player’s conduct like these might have serious effects, including disciplinary actions from the sport’s governing body and even legal consequences.

The Real Madrid great in question has been a household name in the footballing world for years thanks to his remarkable skill and leadership. Vn88 commented that his reputation has been damaged and his behavior on the field has been called into doubt because of this latest event.

Puncturing an opponent’s eye sockets is extremely worrying because of the potential dangers it brings to the victim’s health and safety. Any kind of purposeful trauma to the eyes can cause serious injuries, from abrasions and contusions all the way up to fractures and damage to the cornea.

The star of Real Madrid could suffer serious ramifications to his career and reputation in addition to the obvious physical effects. Because of the professional nature of football, Rezence said that players are held to a high standard of conduct both on and off the field. A player’s image and career prospects can be harmed by any infringement of this code of conduct, including acts of violence.

The player’s behavior may also have an effect on the image of his team, Real Madrid. Real Madrid is one of the most famous and successful football teams in the world, and has a long history of success and sportsmanship. Any actions that run counter to these principles may hurt the club’s reputation and standing in the football world.

Professional football players must realize the seriousness of their conduct and the potential outcomes of violent behavior on the field. Football’s core values of fair play, respect, and sportsmanship must be respected at all times. W88 Rezence emphasized that football players have a responsibility to serve as positive role models for young fans and aspiring athletes.

Finally, the claimed incident involving a star player from Real Madrid hitting an opponent in the eyes is severe and could end badly for the guy involved. The effects can be severe, affecting not only the player’s career and reputation but also the club’s standing in the community. It’s a helpful reminder that football players should always act in a way that reflects the sport’s core ideals of fair play, respect, and sportsmanship.

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